This website offers free garden design advice and techniques, advice for what to grow and how to keep it growing in your gardens, recipes mostly from the garden, and a shop from which you can buy things mostly garden related for your home.


I am Laurine Byrne and I have been a garden geek from the first marigold and radish seeds I planted in our backyard as a kid. Like most avid gardeners as soon as I had my own space, I filled it with any green and colorful flowering bush, perennial, annual, veggie and herb that I fancied, creating colorful chaos. Knowing my gardens need help looking like they belonged together, I started taking design classes. I took my passion to the next level by becoming a certified Landscape Designer through a program at Northwestern University and then continued my horticulture education at the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener program, through which I became a Master Gardener.

I have designed both public gardens and private, small and large. You don’t have to be born with a green thumb to have a beautiful garden. You just need the right design filled with the right plants. That’s where I come in. Having a landscape designer means a garden is created that is as unique as you. Whether you like a neat tidy garden or a natural lush wild garden, whether you use your space to find peace and tranquility or for family fun, all these things matter when designing your garden.

Here at The Charmed Garden you can get inspiration and free advice on how to grow your own plants and design your own garden. The Charmed Garden is here to help you whether you’re planting a small container garden or your entire backyard.

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