At least that’s what I was told when I was little. As  a consolation for a rainy day in April, we would have bright blooms in May. This week in Chicagoland we had warm sun one day and an ice storm the next. I did not pay as close attention as I usually do to the weather and some herbs pots, seedlings, and pansies were beat hard by the hail. Ice Chunks in April!!!

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Laurine Byrne

I am a Landscape Designer, receiving my training from Northwestern University in Chicago. I am also a Master Gardener, receiving my training at the University of Illinois through their Extension Program. I love every type of garden, everywhere, and in every season.


    1. Well take heart because the sun is on it’s way. A south facing window will perk your seedlings right up AND
      Good News – my pansies survived and are looking perky. I’m putting them in a proper home today. As for the seedlings, I made the mistake of trying to tip the pot to dump out the ice balls. The dirt followed the balls. As for the rest of the seedling pots I gingerly picked out the little balls of ice and put the pots on my dryer. So far so good. Good luck with your seedlings and your garden 🙂

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