More Food in Pots photos

This is an eggplant surrounded by white petunias. The white flowers were chosen as bright contrasts to the pretty purple flowers that become eggplants. This is a Japanese Eggplant which produces long, dark purple eggplants that look like jewels dripping from the fairly large, dark green leaves. The flowers start as an affordable, easy to find, and easy to grow stand-in until your eggplant grows up to fill the pot. This particular pot is a hand-me-down, but any pot this size will do. I have added a decorative, black metal cage to support the plant because it will droop as the fruit grows. Also, it looks rather smart, gives the design an added dimension.  End of the year sales and garage sales make these items more affordable. I have put this pot in front of my garage, on a discolored and cracked driveway. Next to it are the garbage cans. The placement is intentional as I want your eyes to notice the decorative pot and pretty plants rather than the tired looking driveway and the not so appealing garbage cans. For me, it works.

Eggplants and Petunias decorating the garage
Eggplants and Petunias decorating the garage

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Laurine Byrne

I am a Landscape Designer, receiving my training from Northwestern University in Chicago. I am also a Master Gardener, receiving my training at the University of Illinois through their Extension Program. I love every type of garden, everywhere, and in every season.

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