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It’s time for the Spring clean (finally)

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Hi Everyone

At long last Spring is here. The crocus have peaked out and found it friendly. It’s so refreshing to see something bright other than white.

So it’s time to get our hands in the dirt and start the clean up. Those of us who have perennial grasses need to give them a short haircut. Yep, it should have been done a couple of weeks ago, but it was still snowing here! It’s still not to late. So excise your cabin fever and get too it!

If you haven’t trimmed your rose bushes, now is a great time. Don’t just cut the tops. Get down in there and trim the thicker, older canes. When you don’t trim, you get thick, thorny canes, with sparse blooms. Also, if you have the hybrids, rather than the hardy shrub roses, feed ’em.

Take a look at your fruit trees (hopefully you have the small yard friendly dwarf versions or this will take awhile.)  Trim the smaller branches, the branches heading straight north (feeders), and any branches that are crossing/touching the others.  Make sure your leader is heading in the right direction too.

Remove any dead leaves, twigs, or perennials that you didn’t deadhead in the fall. Clean up those beds! Let the sun shine in!

I’ll be posting the bulbs as they bloom so check back soon!

Your friendly neighborhood garden designer – Laurine


Author: Laurine M. Byrne

I received my certification as a Landscape Designer from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois and I received my horticulture education through classes at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois and through the master gardener program at Univ of Illinois Extension. In my designs, I love mixing veggies and herbs with native perennials and flowering bushes as you can see from the pictures of my own yard. I love creating gardens for people who like to garden, not just installing traditional landscaping, but actually creating gardens that the homeowner connects to personally. I love that my clients who thought they couldn't grow anything now have green thumbs, because all it takes is the right plant in the right site. And I really love that my clients become my friends in the process of creating their gardens.

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